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What You Need For PreApproval

Being pre-approved makes your offer more attractive. It can take as little as a few hours, but can save weeks of home searching! Want to learn more? I'm here to help – send me a message to get

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Good Credit A Top Priority

High credit affects way more than just our three-digit score. When your credit is strong, it can potentially save you money on insurance, boost your credibility to employers and even help you secure

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What To Consider Regarding Your Downpayment

Down Payment Dilemma: How Do You Know How Much to Put Down On A Home? For many prospective home buyers, the down payment is the most

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Cincinnati Dayton Open Houses

OPEN HOUSES IN CINCINNATI AND DAYTONIn a seller's market, it is wise to get in the door as fast as you can to ensure your offer on the right home gets on the sellers table. Call me today for a

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